Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another win for the Losers..

This week HAS REALLY been a busy week for The Losers.  This week, they went 1 - 1 against the current and most borked codex in the game to date:  The Grey Knights.  I'm considering this blog to be a double feature since the first game really isn't worth a whole blog post.  In fact, I can give you the quick version.

GK player (after seeing my IG):  Wanna play?
Me: Sure. 2000pts?
GK: Cool!
Me: Just so you know I'm testing a tournament list. In tournament fashion, would you like to see my list?
GK: No
Me: *blink* Ooookaay... It's pretty mean..
GK:  Dude.. it's IG...
Me:  *shrugs*

Rolls: Pitched battle/Annihilation - IG Win first turn (Me: YAY)

Me: *Deploy*
GK:  Bullshit!  There's no way you have that many 'planes'.
Me: Sure I do.. I offered you my list.  Your deployment BTW.
GK: *Deploys*  ...and now I scout move w/ my dreadknight by teleporting..
Me: *thinking: not sure you can do that but, oh well*
GK: Ok.. Top of Turn 1 *rubs hands*

Turn 1

Movement - Top o' Turn 1

Me: *moves troops toward GK's*
GK: Why are  you moving your troops TOWARDS the GK's?
Me:  *shrugs* You'll see (we never did)

Shooting - Top o' Turn 1

Stormraven - Destroyed by 6 TL Lascannons
Dreadknight - Destroyed by 6 TL Lascannons
Ven. Dreadnaught? - Stunned by 6 TL Lascannons
5 Regular GK troops - killed by Manticore fire
((At this time, GK player's face is beet red))

Assault - Top o' Turn 1

- None-

Movement - Bottom o' Turn 1

GK's move into buildings and behind cover in the direction opposite of the incoming guardsman.

Shooting - Bottom o' Turn 1

GK's go pew pew..  about 10 guardsman die.  All leadership saved due to fearless and Lord Commissar's Aura of Discipline

Assault - Bottom o' Turn 1

Just outside of Assault range... GK player looked like he was going to attempt and assault on me.  I took a defensive stance.


Movement - Top o' Turn 2

Troops continue to rush forward while the Vendetta's do the 6" shuffle.

Shooting phase - Top o' Turn 2

Dreadnought - Destroyed by 6 TL Lascannons.

GK Player (with tears in his eyes):  F*CK THIS!!! *Quickly throws all this GK's into the box he brought them in... none-to-gently, I might add, and RUNS out the store*

Me: *Blink*  Did I just pimp GK's?
You know.. this totally merits it's own post..

Result:  Grey Knights concede at the top of turn 2.  Losers win again.  Penal Legionnaires are rationed 1 beer each.

Lesson of the match:  Dreadknights CANNOT use teleport in their scout move.

LWBG gets a job... a paint job that is. (Long post w/ Pics)

As you've heard me mention before, I"m seriously considering tournament play.  Getting the stuff necessary for doing so was easy.  I'm just a couple of vendetta kits and model purchases away from having a complete WYSIWYG army for which I'm very excited.  The only downside of trying to create a tournament compatible army is.... Dun dun DUUUN... painting all these models.

Don't get me wrong, I love this game, I like seeing other people's work, but dammit.... why can't I call my guys the "Gallant Greys" and play?

"But CommissarWes, painting your models is the true joy of this hobby!!"

That may be true but, you'll understand how I feel after reading my model painting resume:
  • Name: CommissarWes
  • Years playing W40K: 1
  • Model Painting Experience: A few infantry models and primer
  • Artistic Skill Level: Laughable
  • Artistic Skill Comparison:  An ork boy with a 2x4 smearing blood on a wall.